REVIEW of the Fun Jumping at Coxleigh Barton 8th March

Kim Parker posted :- Thank you to everyone who came to the Fun Jumping at Coxleigh today, the sun shone, lovely friendly competition (although a few hounds might have headaches!). Special thanks to Jenny Parker (canteen manager)Richard Thomas (chief steward/photographer) Katrina Lang(photographer) and Lucy Jeffrey.

Corrina Bright posted :- Thank you for a brilliant time yesterday- really supportive and encouraging – even the non jumper me had a go! xx

Lauren Bettis posted:- Very enjoyable day! The horse and hound was definitely the highlight! X

Melanie Wells posted:- Roll on the next one!

Jane Cumming posted:- Thank you Kim for the fun jumping on Saturday, it was a perfect start to the season and great practice for us, especially as we have had such a muddy winter with nowhere but hacking out for schooling.
We really enjoyed it, perfect weather and lots of fun!!

Here are the results from 8th March Fun jumping @ Coxleigh
Class 1 cross poles
1 Ellie Lang Storm
2 Molly Cummings. Gwen
3 Lauren Bettiss. Rosie
4 Jane Cumming. Billy
5 Corrina Bright. Rosie

Class 2 1’9″
1 Ellie Lang. Storm
2 Molly Cumming. Gwen
3 Helena Karlsson. Bella
4 Jane Cumming. Billy

Class 3 Horse & Hound
1 horse Molly Cumming. Gwen
Hound. Lucy Jeffrey. Lexi
2 horse. Ellie Lang. Storm
Hound Katrina Lang. Harvey
3 horse. Lucy Fairchild. Dolly
Hound. Julia Fairchild. Dora
4 horse. Jane Cumming. Billy
Hound. Molly Cumming. Onion
5 horse. Lauren Bettiss. Prince
Hound. Corrina Bright. Walter

Class 4 2′
1 Lauren Bettiss Prince
2 Ellie Lang. Storm

Class 5 2’6″
1 Gemma Wells. Finn
2 Lucy Fairchild. Dolly
3 Ellie Lang. Storm
4 Robyn Penton. Keiko

Class 6 2’9″
1 Robyn Penton. Keiko
2 Gemma Wells. Finn
3 Lucy Fairchild. Dolly

Class 7 3′
1 Gemma Wells. Finn
2 Robyn Penton. Keiko



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