Our new chair welcomes all !

Hello to all members and friends of the IDRC. As many of you will be aware we held the AGM last night, which was a huge success! Unfortunately our chair for last year, Adele Oldham, stood down after a very successful year in post, to that end a new chair was elected, this being myself, Katrina Lang. I have been a member along with my daughter for the last few months and am very pleased to be part of this up and coming club. I think the club , supported by an excellent committee, has made much progress in its first year. A lot of hard work has been put in trying to make the club a success! Obviously with any new baby there are teething problems and mistakes have been made, which thankfully lessons have been learnt from so this coupled with all the right decisions made, has produced an excellent outcome for the clubs first year. I am looking forward very much to this next year and feel very positive about the future of the club. Our aim to is to build on what was produced last year and for everyone to enjoy being a part of the IDRC, we really do aim to get our name on “The Map” as it were, so if any members feel there is something we could improve on or have requests for events they would like to see happening, then please talk to a member of the committee with any suggestions you have. Remember as a committee we are there to help achieve the aims and ambitions of its members! So come on start hitting us with some positive ideas that we can start putting into action. I hope you all have a brilliant year with the club and look forward to meeting all members throughout the year. Best wishes to you all. Katrina Lang.


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