Horsemanship Agility with Heather Seems 29th March @ Keypitts Farm, Ilfracombe, EX34 9RW

Horsemanship Agility training and competition – points will go towards the ’Agility’ cup, we want to help people handle/connect/read there horses rather than just doing the ‘obstacles’ and gaining points. This will be run by our instructor Hev. Hev is going to make up obstacles/horsemanship challenges that you will be scored on throughtout your session, this way your not only gaining points but gaining a better relationship and understanding with your horse. You will receive points on how you handle your horse throughout the ‘training’, points on doing the obstacles and skills to come up with a winner at the end of the day points gained will also go towards the ‘Agility’ trophy at the end of the year.

Ideal for novice people and/or horses. Great fun come and join in.

2 hr slots with 4 people = £18 members or £30 non-members pp.

Contact Charley or Wendy to book a slot.



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