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We are a local fun riding club for all the family from 4 year olds upwards. We successfully hold events every month ~ Fun Rides, Clinics, SJ Competitions, Hunter Trails, Dressage, Agility & Horsemanship. Social Events ~ Bingos, Beetle Drives, Quiz nights, Family Barbecues, Vet & Dentistry evenings & trips away to Badminton. We are open to ideas for events and help for the events

Results for Sunday's Dressage:

Class 1 Intro C
1st Lisa Edmondson & Simba
2nd Isobel Holm & Chantily Storm
3rd Jo Goodman & Leo
4th Harriet Beaman & Just Velvet
5th Chloe Latham & Chantily Storm
6th Daisy Cotton & Ruff
7th Verity Lunn & Cookie
8th Rachael Hoskins & Apple Blossom
9th Keira Knapman & Peggy Sue
10th Eleanor Lunn & Galahad

Class 2 Pairs Walk & Trot
1st Chloe Latham & Chantily Storm / Daisy Cotton & Ruff
2nd Sally Watts & Brownscombe Florella / Peter Francis Vaughan & Aston
3rd Cherelle Lisle & Tom 25 / Jemma Easterbrook & Romani
4th Siena Laming & Hoe Columbina / Louisa Cotton & Pippi Longpark Stockings
5th Eleanor Lunn & Galahad / Verity Lunn & Cookie
6th Daisy Cotton & Ruff / Isobel Holm & Chantily Storm
7th Keira Knapman & Peggy Sue / Harriet Beaman & Just Velvet

Class 3 Prelim 2
1st Lisa Edmondson & Simba
2nd Sally Watts & Penpoint Denver
3rd Peter Vaughan & Aston
4th Charlie Pocock & Thea Kremlin
5th Harry Pocock & Apple Blossom

Class 4 Prelim 12 (Restricted section)
1st Sally Watts & Penpoint Denver*
2nd Peter Vaughan & Aston
3rd Louisa Cotton & Pippi Longpark Stockings*
4th Harry Pocock & Apple Blossom
5th Charlie Pocock & Thea Kremlin

(Open section)
1st Sally Watts & Brownscombe Florella*
2nd Cheryl Yvonne Mundy & Pippi Longpark Stockings*
3rd Michelle Pocock & Thea Kremlin

Class 5 Novice 28

1st Cheryl Mundy & Pippi Longpark Stockings*
2nd Michelle Pocock & Thea Kremlin*
3rd Sally Watts & Brownscombe Florella*

* combinations who have now qualified in the West Somerset & Devon Dressage League

Thanks to Calvert Trust for super indoor arena plus huge warm-up arena outdoors; Collette Hall for judging; Shelley's Snacks for good hot food and drink, plus organisers, helpers, competitors, horses and ponies!
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SJ Lessons With Kathy Hollick-Blee ... See MoreSee Less

SJ Lessons With Kathy Hollick-Blee

January 20, 2018, 9:00am - January 20, 2018, 1:00pm

Lessons can be tailored to your requirements; if you have a particular issue with oxers, fillers or want to have some advice on walking courses or anything else SJ related then Kathy can help. Lessons duration 30 or 60 minutes. Cost: Members: 30 minutes-£15 individual £7.50 shared 60 Minutes-£30 individual £15 shared Non-Members: 30 minutes - £20 individual £10 shared 60 Minutes - £40 individual £20 shared Individual lessons or groups of 2, if you wish a group lesson please find someone to pair up with prior to booking if you can. Please pay by bacs to secure your place using reference: KHB2001 Our bank details are as follows... Account Name: Ilfracombe & District Riding Club Code: 40-09-13... Account No: 81211854 Post on the event page to book your place :) Times available: 09:00 - Michaela Willis 09:30 - 10:00 - Kelly Devereux ✔ 10:30 - Isobella Skelton & Vicky Skelton ✔ 11:30 - Holly Teape & Wendy Teape ✔ 12:30 -

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Loanna Ball created an event for Ilfracombe & District Riding Club. ... See MoreSee Less

Erica Oldham Clinic

January 28, 2018, 9:00am - January 28, 2018, 4:00pm

Flat work or show jumping Shared or individual Individual £60 hour 2 sharing £35 each 1 hour Non member Individual £65 2 sharing £40 each 1 hour To book please contact Loanna Ball Bacs 40-09-13 81211854 Ref E/O 28.1.18

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Dressage Times for Sunday,
Class's 1A IntroC
10.00 Jo Goodman
10.06 Eleanor Lunn
10.12 Verity Lunn
10.18 Keira ( Laura Knapman)
10.24 Harriett ( Rachel Beaman)
10.30 Chloe ( Amy Latham )
10.36 Rachael ( Karen Hoskins)
10.42 Daisy Georgie Cotton
10.48 Isabel ( Clare Holm )

Class 1B
10.54 Lisa Edmondson

Class 2 Pairs
11.12 Cherrelle Lisle and Jemma Carroll
11.18 Daisy Cotton and Isabel Holm
11.24 Peter Francis Vaughan and Sally Watts
11.30 Keira Knapman and Harriett Beaman
11.36 Eleanor Lunn and Verity Lunn
11.42 Chloe Latham and Rachael Hoskins
11.48 Siena Laming and Louisa Cotton

Class3A prelim 2
12.18 Lisa Edmundson
12.24 Peter Vaughan
12.30 Sally Watts
12.36 Charlie Pocock
12.42 Harry Pocock

Class4A prelim 12
13.00 Sally Watts
13.06 Peter Vaughan
13.12 Charlie Pocock
13.18 Harry Pocock
13.24 Siena Laming
13.30 Louisa Cotton

Class 4B prelim 12
13.36 Marilynn Dunham
13.42 Michelle Pocock
13.48 Sally Watts
13.54 Cheryl Mundy

Class 5A novice 28
14.12 Sally Watts
14.18 Cheryl Mundy
14.24 Michelle Pocock

Class 5B
14.30 Marilynn Dunham.

There will be Shelley's Snacks on site all day.
Look forward to seeing you all then
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Hi. Are there going to be any western clinics this year with Judith Hubbard ? ... See MoreSee Less

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So, it's been a dry day - if cold! Sadly no placing for the seniors as a team, standard was high from other Clubs, but it's well done to Nancy Rowe who's just about to leave with an individual 4th rosette from the Novice 30 arena. And Grace Sinclair has gone home with a 3rd place in the Junior Prelim 14 arena. Well done all! ... See MoreSee Less

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Good luck tomorrow for our riders at the Area 12 Intermediate Dressage qualifiers at Kings Sedgemoor! We have our only junior, Grace Sinclair, competing as an individual, and a team of seniors, Cheryl Yvonne Mundy, Michelle Pocock, Nancy Rowe and Emma Gale. It's all outdoor, so fingers crossed for dry weather so they can ride their best! ... See MoreSee Less

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