Benefits of Horse Agility, is it worth it?

agilty webCaring for horses has always been a passion of mine whether feeding, grooming or taking part in dressage or jumping competitions, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Recently I came across horse agility with Ilfracombe Riding Club in North Devon, combining fun activities on the ground to help build a stronger relationship and bond with my horse.

Using bigger obstacles than those used in dog agility this supersized course with coloured ground poles, giant hoops, flags and curtains certainly was vibrant and exciting. What is its appeal? Well any ability, age or horse can have a go (certainly tests the bond between rider and horse)

What are the benefits? Well for one its pure entertainment for us watching! But the its proven to help build trust between this loving partnership, actively works both sides of the horses brain, improves fitness and can help spooky horses overcome many fears. ilfracombe riding club hosts agility events regularly, spectators are welcome so pop along and see for yourself the benefits to horse agility




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